Modern age has no Freedom

Modern age has no Freedom 

Modern age has no Freedom 

Modern age has contained too complexities 

 Various environment availed in economy,
As different activities of person bound to met,

  As religion, social, political, economic & physical. 

What never be ended during the whole life, 

 As one after another needs bound to starting, 

However, ended needs corresponding the end of life,    

Since, carrying on to the surviving life of subject,

Many complexities unable to man these make of,

 Due to many activities human being engaged much 

In these activities, That let not leave his operation, 

 What deprived him from the idleness,

People remain engaged by day and night activities, 

 Thus, every need answer for making complexities, 

In regarding, No one taking comfortable breadth. 

12:40pm    14/03/2020

This poem describes about modern age . As we know that all living being made machine in their work. So, not able to take comfortable breadth .

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Hunny said…
Every person must have one hour in a day for themselves to relax their mind and to understand what they want and what they are doing.
Meet kaur said…
Exactly sir, modern age has no freedom... according to me,it's very important that we have to meet overself at least one time in a day.....for our requirements
Sukhman deol said…
People forgot that our main objective is to be free. People get themselves engaged in process of making money which is useless until money provides freedom.
Unknown said…
I think u always free buddy
Unknown said…
Sir,your poems always touch my always write something that happen in this world. Can you write some words on family and friendship
Unknown said…
Yes like both of us
Palak said…
Good concept ����