Puzzle of weaver bird in duckweed

Puzzle of weaver bird in duckweed 

      Puzzle of weaver bird                      in duckweed 

There was too hot summer,
Whether the time of twilight, 
Poet wandering while the time, 
On the bank of dry canal 

    And watched full of duckweed,
    That much thickly and heightens,
   Rather,  it realized hottest all around, 
   The environment of such herbs.

A poor weaver bird had puzzle, 
Not little conscious at just while, 
As unfixed his moving position, 
up & down, one branch to another. 

   Poet also unable to considered, 
   It's puzzle, seemed as no answer, 
  Anyhow, by deep watching & hunt out,
  A puzzle likely due to scorching day.

8:32pm     22/06/2017
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This little poem describes about the weaver bird's position and moving what is influenced by the hot scorching day on the bank of dry canal in duckweed. 

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Meet kaur said…
Great poem, sir
Sukhman deol said…
Beautiful imagination sir.
Hunny said…
Nyc poem sir.many birds suffer in hot summer days.
Vikasdeep singh said…
Nice concept sir.we are always thankful to god to give us human life.Pray for all to live long and better life
Arshdeep singh said…
Nice poem sir
Unknown said…
Great poem sir
Sarwan Singh said…
Vadhiya poem sir ji
Keep it up
komal said…
great poem sir
Unknown said…
Nice peom sir jii