Welcome to this section of the Weeklypoetry.com. Whereas, From it's name of site reflects itself as weekly poetry.  Anyone can enjoy poetry as per His/Her interests on this Website. This poetry site is provide particular poetry literature. Rather contained every scope of each subject. As if, anyone visit to this site he/she will be able to get know every field poetry. This field may be such types as Nature, Love, True love, sorrow, grief, spiritual, religion, technology, modern culture, story poems And mother earth. So, all these niche able to satisfy every need of reader according to what he/she looking for reading content. Certainly all visitors on this site would enjoy from the core of heart. Reader according to his need find best poems among the previous published post on  the website. This is self publishing individual owner site. This is not allowed outside contributed as poetry work for the purpose of publishe poems on this site blog. All work would be published that concerned with real owner of this site.
However, sometimes this site provides interesting story concerned with various subjects during the week at occasionally except Monday. Because Monday's turn will come for poetry. As
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This site provides new poetry on every Monday. So, every reader will have to wait for one week. Whereas,  until he/she can enjoy previously published poems on this website. However, on this site some YOGA video and image can be reflected.

ABOUT THE OWNER ( As An English Poet And Creative Writer )

I am self publishing owner of this website.
I am youngest poet and writer. Beside It I am assistant professor as commerce at college of ( punjab) INDIA. So, many poems I have been written in English as above 300 poems. Whereas, my habit of writing poetry is still continue. However, out of these few poems as published in foreign countries as like America, Canada And Nepal ( example: services of trees without consideration, justice of nature, puzzle of weaver bird, Statement of black eyes, The Mount Everest ). I am also English writer as I have written a book as "old is gold" based on culture of Europe and South India. I am also writing a one more book based on true love. My poetry book published Title " Justice of nature and Injustice of love". which is available on the Amazon, flipcart, Blue Rose Publisher And weeklypoetry.com. Which is able to Realizing a Nature And Love.

However, I have one more quality As I am YOGA TEACHER with physically and psychology. Some reader can enjoy my yoga acrobatic by physically on rarely basis during the month. Rather they will be able to know about many treatment by describing precautions during yoga video and theoretical system. So, all readers r requested to subscribe by email link my  website to enjoy continues.

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