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 Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )

Only submission forms are used by this weeklypoetry.com to accept poetry here. No poem is accepted here by email. So, go to poetry submission guidelines for the purpose of publishing your poetry here. Which would help to become a famous poet among million readers.
Only one poem is accepted here per poet in one month. Don't try to send more than one poem. If you do such, all your poems will be deleted without you any notice. So, send us one poem.
Only English language poetry is accepted here. Don't waste your time by submitting us to other languages other than English.
only five to ten days in which you would get a response regarding your submission. If takes more time get touch with us by frequently on email as Solutionauthorshub@gmail.com
By submitting a request form you are allowed to do so. First of all you are required to request on contact form then we shall send a request form after you submit us we will send to the authors. Then as per the poet accepted your request you are able to connect with the poet.
The copyright of all poems submitted and published on this website belongs to the individual authors. International copyright laws apply to all poems published on weeklypoetry.com. By submitting a poem to this platform, the poet has only agreed that their poems can be published on a nonexclusive basis by weeklypoetry.com, not by you! However, you can request permission from the poet to use their poem. To the best of our knowledge, all poems submitted and published on weeklypoetry.com have been submitted by the poets themselves. If you believe your poem has been published on this site without your permission, you or your legal representatives should contact us using our Contact Form and ask us to remove the specific poem from the site, this will be done immediately. Please include the URL on weeklypoetry.com. where the poem is posted, the URL where you originally posted the poem, as well as other relevant information proving the poem is yours. You can read more on international copyright law on COPYRIGHT LAW The publishing rights for all the other material on this website belongs to weeklypoetry.com. These materials cannot be used without permission from weeklypoetry.com. Because it is the property of our poet family who gives us non exclusive rights to publishing their poetry and thoughts to weekly poetry. Com.
It exclusively belonged to weeklypoetry.Com it is the common home for spreading thoughts of their family members across the world level.
No way you can use all this content published on weeklypoetry.com. However, you have the option to connect with our poet members through a request form. Through which you may accept his or her nod regarding her/his work on weeklypoetry.com.
Never, you cannot publish our content on any other social media platform without our poets nod. However, you are allowed to share our poetry links on any other social platform without our permission. As you can send this to your friends and relatives.
When your work is published here we will inform you via email as soon as possible. On which you can find your published poetry on weeklypoetry.com.
There are many reasons which may be responsible for not publishing your poem on weeklypoetry.com. Some reasons are here which can be considered for the purpose of publication. ๐Ÿ‘‰If your poem did not meet our quality standards. ๐Ÿ‘‰However, if your poem meets our standards, we have some reasons to publish poems about quality. As following ๐Ÿ‘‰It may be a great poem, but it has already been published elsewhere on the Internet. ๐Ÿ‘‰Some issues like spelling, Grammar which would take too much time to correct. ๐Ÿ‘‰We don't publish poems that promote discrimination based on caste, colour as well as humanity exploited.
No, Normally we don't pay for the publication. However we pay for the best poem which becomes a famous poem on our platform. A poem can become famous only when it reaches or crosses one thousand views within a month. We pay for it $5 per thousands views.
Due to community guidelines, nonsense comments will not be borne here which may be harrassed And exploited our author's mind as well as readers' mindset.
Yes, as to making a brilliant poem our editors can change as per the requirements like spelling, grammar, stanza and lines series. However, your poem sense would remain the same.
No, only heart touching poems are published on this platform. Which is able to realise nature, love, life, happyness, sorrow, peace, spirituality and mother earth. We never accept erotic poetry.
Yes, we welcome you. But it must be your original work. However, if it was published on other websites or magazines, newspapers, books it will not be republished here. However you can use your own content writing which was published by you on these platforms such as Facebook, get pocket, Instagram, medium, mix, reddit, tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn. If you misused anyone else's account for poetry publication here you will be responsible individually for the third party. So, use your own account for published poetry on the above mentioned social platform and Don't use that platform whose publication is restrained here.

     Have you any question? If yes, concern us on contact us. Comments are also available.

Note :- we don't sell any poem what is sent by our poet community.

We secure strictly  with personal data to anyone poet on our plateform. Share your best view among our readers.

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